Bitter Roma Assoluto


Bitter Roma Assoluto


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A remarkable example of what a bitter is meant to be, one of Elio Carta’s latest concoctions is the BitteRoma Assoluto. And ABSOLUTELY it is one of the most refined liqueurs we have ever had the pleasure to drink.

First off, the packaging is embossed glass with an engraved steel belt label—10/10 for packaging.

It displays a very delicate and elegant presentation on the nose and the palate, with bitter citrus and subtle floral notes. It is extremely smooth to drink, and the electric red colour is so vibrant and inviting.
It showcases intense spicy notes of tamarind, cloves and cinnamon, together with floral orange peel; plus, Elio’s signature infusion of wild Sardinian botanicals.

It is perfectly suited to be consumed straight, over ice; or with a splash of soda. Ideal summer drinking.



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